Improve your margin sustainably through immediate purchasing gains

Make purchasing your competitive advantage

Our unique cost reduction methodology delivers immediate and sustainable savings : 10% to 15% on average
Our success fee model guarantees risk-free operation for our customers
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Stop your budget drifts
Make sustainable purchasing gains
Professionalize your purchasing process
Access immediate and operational resources
Upgrade your skills and processes
Improve your Ebitda
Make purchases your competitive advantage
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Your gains and benefits when working with ISP Consulting:

Be the
in your sector

  • An objective and updated diagnosis of your purchases
  • A mapping of your expenses by purchasing family
  • A mapping of purchasing risks
  • An analysis of the organization and internal processes
  • An analysis of the sources of earnings
  • An improvement in the performance of your Purchasing and Supply Chain
  • Implementation of new financial levers to improve your earnings and working capital
  • Immediate increase in your margin and investment capacity
  • A sustainable diagnosis of purchasing performance: supplier mapping and benchmarking
  • Best practices
  • An analysis of the functional need & process improvement
  • An efficient management of calls for tenders
  • A proposal for economic levers
  • A writing of a purchasing policy
  • Decision-making and management tools
  • Better negotiations with your suppliers
  • A reduction in your purchasing invoice
  • Sustainable purchasing gains
  • Professional purchasing processes


79% of Purchasing Directors consider that
that saving on their purchases is their main priority.

57% say that risk management is their main KPI.


Restore your results
by purchaising


We quickly assess your performance, risks and opportunities using a unique method and then deploy the necessary people, processes and platforms. We provide our business experts who will be integrated into your organization and approval frameworks.

You quickly gain competitiveness points throughout the purchasing value chain, and the competitive advantages thus acquired are sustainable.

10% to 15% cost reduction
on average on reversal missions

Our teams of experts will help you to self-finance the change in a sustainable way, in particular through the implementation of a strategic plan and quantitative objectives

Together, let’s create
value by working
full costs

Our methodology allows us to activate together very quickly levers for optimizing purchasing performance, often cross-functional and partially known to teams.

Our experts train and support all departments by leading working groups.

Our full cost approach allows us to increase the results to go beyond price negotiations with suppliers. (processes, organizations, relationships, suppliers…)

Giving you the tools
to unleash your potential….

We provide you with business experts to work in a targeted and effective way on the subjects chosen in your specific and constrained context.


Together, let’s create
value by working
full costs

Creating value through purchasing

Supply Chain

Improve performance of your Purchases and your Supply Chain

Operate some new  financial levers in order to improve your results and working capital requirements

capacity of investment

Increase your margin and capacity of investment

competitive advantage

Gain a competitive advantage

Practical purchasing solutions for your organization

Review of the procurement organization

Comprehensive review of the procurement organization including the areas of procurement governance, the procurement process, contractual arrangements and vendor management, procurement systems and benchmarking

of the purchasing strategy

Development of a detailed procurement strategy for your organization, including :

▶ Establishing strategic objectives

▶ Identify key initiatives and resource actions

▶ Roles and responsibilities Assess and prioritize savings opportunities

▶ Develop a high-level implementation framework

▶ Develop a business case and cost-benefit analysis

Implementation of procurement reorientation

Development of a detailed implementation plan for procurement modernization initiatives:

▶ Project Resource Allocation Implementation

▶ Schedule Project Focus Areas and Objectives

▶ Project Priorities and Impact

▶ Links with the project

▶ Planned Actions and Expected Results

Why choose ISP Consulting ?

purchasing strategy


Implement a Purchasing Strategy that creates value and differentiation, Whatever your objectives: BFR improvement, quality, supply chain, growth… This Purchasing strategy will describe how your organization will optimize its external expenses, purchasing costs and other valuable contributions in a way that is aligned with your company’s objectives. You will know how the organization of your purchases the purchase of goods and services will contribute to the company’s objectives and how this contribution can be measured

agility and reactivity

Install an operational purchaising model that allows for efficient procurement, agility and reactivity. Integrate procurement into the contracting process as early and proactively as possible to add value to expenses that occur in various business units.

You want to

‣ Optimize and secure your purchases Save time and money
‣ Optimize and secure your purchases
‣ Harmonize your processes

We offer

‣ Purchasing specialists with expertise in your sector
‣ A restructuring of your purchasing department
‣ A supplier approach based on trust and long-term partnership
‣ A know-how in supplier mapping with a benchmark of good practices

Make purchasing your competitive advantage

Our ISP CONSULTING structure is based in Paris and Lyon and has been providing consulting and procurement services throughout Europe since 2012.

Our strength is the combination of our experience and unique methodology that allows us to provide pragmatic solutions to identify opportunities to reduce costs and improve the efficiency of the purchasing function.

We take a practical approach to everything we do and offer the best professional purchasing advice. The executives of our ISP CONSULTING structure each have more than 25 years of experience in the fields of purchasing, procurement and commercial disciplines and have had responsibilities in large groups reputed for their excellence.