Administrative Outsourcing

Business Process Outsourcing
save time and performance by delegating your daily tasks

Boost your agility, reduce costs and risks
thanks to the outsourcing ISO 9001: 2015
  • Reduce management costs
  • Benefit from a 100% available staff without absenteeism
  • Achieve performance gains
  • Free up time for your teams

What is administrative outsourcing ?

Administrative outsourcing, called Business Process Outsourcing, or BPO, is the outsourcing of certain administrative processes to an external service provider. Business Process Outsourcing is an essential tool to increase agility, whatever your field of activity, because it allows you to concentrate on the essential.

The benefits of Business Process Outsourcing

  • Improve efficiency and reduce costs: Productivity gains between 40 and 80%.
  • Ensure continuous service all year round with staff always available
  • Access functions not present in the company or not requiring full-time employees
  • Stimulate growth by focusing on strategic activities Accelerate time-to-market
  • Improve customer service
  • Motivate employees
  • Manage Risk and Compliance
  • Offer a flexible and scalable service
  • Access a network of experts who master specialized tools (ERP, CRM…)
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Why outsource your administrative services ?

Ensure continuity of services

Benefit from professionals with shared costs

Improve customer satisfaction and build customer loyalty

Support peak periods of activity without any investment
Reduce infrastructure and administrative management costs

Increase agility and flexibility

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With ISP Back Office Solutions specialist in outsourcing, focus on your growth and become more profitable!

Our services improve your responsiveness,
streamline your administrative processes
and allow you to stay focused on your challenges.

The benefits include

Qualified staff operational

Our team is highly qualified and directly available for to meet your needs. Access to our experts and specialized tools already in place
used and implemented ( ERP SAGE/ SAP…)

Reduced Costs

The cost of our services are fixed in advance and more competitive than solutions interim or local. You transform your fixed costs into variable costs.

Time Saving and Agility Gain

By outsourcing the least expensive tasks criticism of your profession, you free yourself your time for your activities strategic and you entrust to specialists to manage the staff required to support your activity.

With ISP Back Office Solutions a specialist in outsourcing,
Gain agility while becoming more profitable !

Our services improve your flexibility, streamline your processes and you allow you to stay focused on your business.

Commercial – administration of sales :

  • Document management (Document distribution and retrieval)
  • Management assistance
  • Management of administrative files

BPO – quality :

  • Management of satisfaction surveys
  • Collection of documents necessary to obtaining certification……
  • Reporting

BPO – accounting / finance :

  • General accounting
  • Processing of documents related to Commercial activity, such as Invoice entry and Customer dunning,
    accounts payable and accounts receivable,
  • tax returns such as VAT or business tax
  • periodic statements and the annual tax return
  • Invoice entry and Customer dunning,

Database Management :

  • CRM update
  • Update of
    database compliance as part of ERP or IT system migration
  • Qualification and rationalization of files

BPO – web marketing :

  • Website update (CMS Prestashop, WordPress)
  • Natural SEO
  • Forum animation

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